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That new home feeling!

Everyday I see clients at various stages of their builds.

There is the dreaming phase when the idea first pops into your head: Maybe it would be fun to build a house? Or after a friend’s housewarming parties where they show off the home of their dreams and you think that you would like a bit of that too…

The planning phase: Where do we want to build? You can spend endless amounts of time looking for the perfect piece of land to compliment your dreaming phase. Or you may be interested in moving up the property ladder and bidding for a lot in the new subdivision down the road. Whatever your pathway, once your land is secure, you enter another planning phase. How many bedrooms? How do we live? Open plan or a separate spot for the kids? That designer pantry or walk in wardrobe that ticks all the boxes? A place to tinker away on your projects? A bit of space to enjoy a morning coffee and catch up on the news? Indoor - Outdoor flow? Protected courtyard for endless summer barbecues? Media room?

Whatever your wishlist, bring it to us so we can shape your dreams into your new home!

We handle all the next phases, which aren’t as much fun. These are the logistical phases where our team provides the expertise to design, price, and construct this dream into your reality.

Today marks the end of this process for me. I just received the keys for my fourth build. It's been a big week with lots of boxing up, clearing out, and cleaning, but now it's all mine. All the dreaming and planning has become a reality.

Now my favourite part, time to dress the beds, find spots for all my most treasured items, and settle in for a nice glass of champagne to celebrate.

What is your favourite part of the build process?

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