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Conceptual Design with RNP Homes

From conversation to conceptual design, RNP Homes offer visionary 3D imagery to bring your ideas to (virtual) reality.

A great completed home all begins with a miriad of ideas, concepts and usually a big wish list! Eliminate the fogginess of "where do we begin?" and let RNP Homes organise your ideas, and suggest new innovative solutions, and inspirational future-proofing for your forever home project.

Working closely with our in-house designer, RNP Homes can guide you through the initial stages of your house design to ensure you get not only the house of your dreams, but also ensure that the plans include practical, logical and insightful solutions that you may not have considered.

Starting with a casual conversation over good coffee, our designer will listen to what you want to achieve and can incorporate your vision with our expertise to provide a no obligation set of plans and images to suit your section and covenants.

Getting the groundwork right will create a smooth and well thought out process prior to the council consent stage. Whether renovation or a brand new home, RNP Homes are trusted Master Builders of bespoke homes and are knowledgeable in forward thinking innovations and specialists in areas of earthquake resistant foundations.

Call us today on 0800 RNP HOMES and experience the RNP difference for yourself.

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