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In August 2019, the Government announced a policy that enabled owners of ‘on-sold’ over-cap properties to apply for an ex-gratia payment to have their homes repaired. Under the policy, homeowners had until October 2020 to register their interest and if deemed eligible, choose a building contractor of their choice to complete the earthquake repairs. To be eligible, homeowners had to meet a list of criteria, the main ones being: you purchased the home before August 2019; and at the time any earthquake damage to the home had been determined to be under cap; with unscoped damage now taking it over the EQC cap.


If, following your application, you were deemed to be eligible, we can work with you on everything - from scoping through to quoting, consenting, project management, compliance, and sign-off. Our team of Project and Account Managers are personally involved in all of our on-sold jobs, attending the first meeting with you, and determining the best strategy for the repair of your home.

Contact us today to see how we can assist with in moving your project forward.

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